Informative Statement

7 For All Mankind Division, Via Penate 04, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland ("7FAM") as data Controller, informs you that we process your personal data at the website: ("Website") according to the Website Privacy Policy, available at: Privacy Policy, and to the applicable privacy laws, including security and confidentiality issues.

We will process your personal data to manage your interaction with the Website and its functionalities, provide you with the requested services (e.g. subscription to the Website, newsletter, mailing list, promotions, other Website initiatives), manage your requests of information, questions, communication and feedback sent through traditional mail or the Website, and, together with 7FAM local entities acting as controllers of your data, to sell our products, which includes all relevant activities (e.g. delivery of goods, billing issues, goods returning and exchanging, refunds, purchase and use of gift cards and e-gift cards, payment related activities, fraud prevention), as well as for the purposes of customer support and interaction with our call centre. We will also process personal data to comply with laws, regulations and Community legislation, and to enforce legal rights.

With your consent, that is optional, we may process personal data to perform surveys; for marketing purposes, that is to send you, also through e-mail, promotional information and material on 7FAM products, services, special price and promotion activities and on initiatives like events, exhibitions and fairs organized by the 7FAM or to which the same takes part; and for profiling purposes, that is to build customers' profiles. For the marketing and profiling activities above defined your personal data may also be shared with other 7FAM companies. You can always object, free of charge, to receiving any type of promotional communications; in each communication there will be a specific means to revoke the consent.

If you provide us with another persons' personal data (e.g. using the function "e-mail to a friend", gift card functionalities or similar) to the extent permitted under applicable law, you hereby confirm that we can process said data under applicable privacy laws, so for example you should inform said person and as requested obtain the consent to the processing. We will process the data that you provide us when interacting with the Website, these that you voluntarily provide to us and that we may lawfully gather otherwise, also from third parties, through electronic and non electronic (paper) means, and through e-mail, chat and telephone when you contact our customer support and call centre. You may finalize the purchase of products also calling our call centre, following the procedure specified in our Terms and Conditions of Sale. The call centre will register your phone number for call-back and back-office services to provide you the requested support and information. Marketing, statistical and profiling activities as above specified may also be performed by the call centre, if you consent. In some cases, for internal training, quality control and verification purposes the call may be recorded and the e-mails may be saved to the extent not prohibited by applicable laws.

You will always be informed in advance of the phone recording and you can object it, save when necessary for purchase verification or other reasons, as allowed under applicable laws. Giving your personal data is necessary to provide you with the requested Website services and functionalities as above specified, to sell you our products and comply with applicable laws. In these cases if you do no provide data we cannot give you the requested services, information and sell you our products. Providing of your data for survey, marketing and profiling purposes as above specified is optional; denial thereof will have no consequence. Your data will be accessible by our personnel on a need-to-know basis, our Processors if appointed and by 7FAM Europe BVBA as Privacy Representative in Europe of 7FAM. The updated list of Processors and addresses of data communications is at your disposal at 7FAM. We may communicate your personal data to public entities, banks, professionals, consultants, also in associate form, business partners, legitimate addressee of communications under applicable laws, third party providers of services functional to the above purposes. We may also communicate data to other companies of the 7FAM, for example for the purchase of goods data will be processed by the relevant 7FAM entity established in the place where delivery has to take place. Said local entity will act as controller of your data in accordance with applicable data privacy laws for billing issues. For closing transactions and payment processing we revert to third party service providers for managing and support of the e-com platform. The third parties receiving your personal data are established within the European Economic Area save for7FAM International Sagl that is located in Switzerland, where transfer of data is allowed since Swiss privacy law has been recognized by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of data protection, and will process them under applicable privacy laws for the purposes above specified. Personal data may also be communicated to third parties in case of mergers, acquisitions, transfer of assets and similar operations. These third parties will be provided only with the information necessary to perform the respective functions and they agree to keep it confidential and secure complying with applicable laws and the instructions received by 7FAM. Your data will not be communicated to third parties other than 7FAM companies for their own marketing purposes. You can at any moment enforce your privacy rights under the applicable privacy law, for example access your personal data, verify their content and accuracy, ask for their integration, updating, deletion, block, and opposing for legitimate reason the processing including objecting, at any time and for free, to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes. To enforce your privacy rights please contact 7ForAllMankind International Sagl, Via Penate 04, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland, or by sending an e-mail through the proper form provided at the following link: Contact Us

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